Kristine Rizakova, Eduards Agafonovs

Last modified: 06.01.2023


The article is a study of border checks (hereinafter BCs) of persons during a pandemic – a study of problems and possible solutions. BC problems at different border crossing points (BCPs) are analysed in the study – their importance and possible solutions. In this article, the authors study the influence of a pandemic on efficient performance of the duties of the State Border Guard (hereinafter the SBG) and design recommendations to improve the work of the SBG. The research aim is to study BCs of persons during a pandemic, associated problems and possible solutions, make an evaluation, conclusions, and recommendations. Research objectives: - Analyse the legal regulations for BCs of persons during a pandemic; - Study the specifications of BCs of persons during the Covid-19 pandemic; - Study the problems associated with BCs of persons during the Covid-19 pandemic at different types of border crossing points, perform an analysis and suggest possible solutions. Primary methods used: Analysis and qualitative methods. Main results – find possible solutions to the problems associated with BCs of persons during a pandemic. The European Union (hereinafter the EU) is striving to improve the protection of its external borders by suggesting various modern solutions. The EU border management policies are met with the influx of refugees and migrants in unprecedented numbers, which has also uncovered deficiencies in the EU policy concerning external borders and migration. The EU is also facing the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in security problems. The State Border Guard officers have to adapt to new and strained working conditions, have to be able to provide themselves with all the necessary personal protection equipment; if necessary, send officers to serve in other units and test their ability to cooperate with other institutions at a completely different level. They have to be able to successfully ensure the security of the state border in accordance with the requirements of the EU, as well as perform priority tasks in accordance with the situation in any conditions.


Covid-19 pandemic, State Border Guard, border checks of persons, border crossing point, European Union


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