Sergei Loginov, Dmitriy Fedorov, Igor Savrayev, Igor Plokhov, Andrey Hitrov, Alexander Hitrov

Last modified: 17.05.2019


Active magnetic bearings are increasingly used in various fields of industry. The absence of mechanical contact makes it possible to use them in ultra-high-speed electric drives. The main trend of active magnetic bearings development is the improvement of the control system. The main problem of the control system is the displacement sensor (most of them has low accuracy and large interference). The sensor must have the following properties: simple in realization, high linearity of the characteristic, high sensitivity and noise immunity, high reliability. At the present time there is no sensor that satisfies all these conditions. Most manufacturers use various kinds of filters to get an accurate position signal. This increases the response time of the control system. Thus, problem of designing and modeling the position sensor, considered in the article is topical.


active magnetic bearings; inductive sensor of situation; measurement of provision of a rotor


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