Arta Teilāne-Bartulsone

Building: Rēzeknes Tehnoloģiju akadēmija, Atbrīvošanas aleja 115
Room: 216.auditorija
Date: 02.12.2016 11:45 AM – 12:10 PM
Last modified: 23.11.2016


This aim of this study is to review different 3d printing methods, which could be used in fashion.

In the process of this study different material objects were printed using a 3D printer in order to evaluate the used material suitability for usage in fashion. We studied how the printed parts are successfully integrated in fashion clothes.

The possibilities of 3D printing have developed fast in past years. Many new materials are developed for printing with different properties. Originally 3D printing was used only by huge fashion icons as Dior and Versace, however nowadays everyone can print his own clothes. To print a material, that is similar to the fabric, 3D have to use powder bases substances to achieve this. These 3D printers are not so common, because of their price, so to print the qualitative and fine product it is easier and recommended to buy the service from companies, which have that kind of 3D printers. Triangulation method is used in computer modeling, where the pattern is divided in triangles. Most  used filaments in 3D printing is a hard filaments, but there is also a flexible filaments such as FilaFlex, which allow to print fabric at home using general purpose 3D printers, which many people might own in their homes. This printers can print clothes, but it is important to consider, that flexible materials are printed slowly and are more expensive than common used filaments.



3D printing; fashion; fashion design; filaments; materials of 3D printing


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