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Jankauskienė, Zofija, Upytė Experimental Station of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
Jansone, Anita, Liepaja University, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Jansone, Anita, <p>Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Liepaja</p>
Jaunslavietis, Jevgenijs, Laboratory of Lignin Chemistry, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
Jermuss, Aivars, <p>Institute of Agronomy of Latvia University of Agriculture</p>
Jie, Jin, <p>Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Hefei University; Collaborative Invention Center for Environmental Pollution Precaution and Restoration of Anhui</p>
JIN, Jie, <p>Collaborative Innovation Center for Environmental Pollution Prevention and Ecological Restoration of Anhui Province,Hefei University; Anhui Key Laboratory of Sewage Purification and Ecological Rehabilitation Materials</p><p> </p>
Jin, YuJuan, Department of Biology and Environment Engineering, Hefei University
Jokste, Lauma, Information Technology Institute, Riga Technical University
Juhna, Tālis, Riga Technical University, Department of Water Engineering and Technology
Juhna, Tālis, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Research Centre for Civil Engineering, Water Research Laboratory
Jurenoks, Aleksejs, Riga Technical University

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