You are invited to participate in the 15th International Scientific Conference “Society. Integration. Education" (SIE) that will be held on May 28 - 29, 2021, Rezekne, Latvia.

The conference is organized by Faculty of Education, Languages and Design of Rezekne Academy of Technologies in cooperation with Rīga Stradiņš University (Latvia), Klaipeda University (Lithuania), Bialystok University of Technology (Poland) and Institute of Pedagogy of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine).

The objective of SIE is to promote the development and application of scientific research in education, psychology and public administration by providing free online access to research information with no financial, legal or technical barriers.

SIE encourages to publish original studies of general importance in the educational research community, from a wide range of educational research fields and related disciplines. Authors are invited to submit unpublished papers on recent research in education, psychology, economics and public administration, public health, focusing on issues such as education policy and administration, curricula, quality of education, teachers and public education, distance learning and e-learning, educational technologies, special education, personality growth and development, well-being, values and identity in modern society, creativity, psychosocial rehabilitation, education in multicultural society, etc.


Higher Education Pedagogy

School Pedagogy

Preschool Pedagogy

Special Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy

Lifelong Learning

Innovation in Language Education


Public Health and Sport

Art and Design, Design Education

Researches in Economics and Management for Sustainable Education

Information Technologies in Education

Covid-19 Impact on Education

Implications for Demographic Change: Society, Culture, Education

The proceedings of "Society. Integration. Education" will be issued on the conference day and available electronically at The papers of the conference proceedings are submitted for indexing in ThomsonReuters, CrossRef, Google Scholar, OpenAire, WordCat data bases.

You can participate in any of the following formats:

  • with a publication and a presentation;
  • only with a publication;
  • only with a presentation;
  • as a listener.

Languages of the conference: Latvian, English, Russian.

We will be delighted to see you at the conference to discuss the topical issues in the fields of education, psychology and economics and public administration!


Abstract Submission Deadline: January 12, 2021

Full Paper Submission Deadline: January 30, 2021

Conference Date: May 28 – 29, 2021

The reviewing process lasts 2 weeks. The papers are evaluated by at least 2 reviewers. You are going to be informed about the result of the review.

NOTES: if you do not receive our letter with the reviewer's evaluation in 2 weeks, please contact us by e-mail It is possible that there has been a mistake, and our e-mail has not reached you.



For author in person with publication and presentation

In person only with presentation without publication

Only a publication without attendance in person


200 eur

100 eur

120 eur

PhD student

130 eur

60 eur

80 eur


100 eur



1)    if a paper exceeds 10 pages 10 eur/per each additional page

2)    sending the proceedings by post in Latvia  8 eur;

outside Latvia  20 eur

3)    purchase of an additional publication in paper format 15 eur




Registration Number: 90000011588

Address: Atbrivosanas aleja 115, Rezekne, Latvija


Account: LV04HABA0551031524266

NOTES: the name of the conference and the participant's surname have to be specified in the purpose of payment OBLIGATORY.

Author Guidelines

The suggested length of the paper is 10 pages.

The preprint has to be in Microsoft Word format, the page format has to be A4, the text must be single column, line spacing – Single, alignment - Justified, left margin – 25mm, right margin – 25 mm, top margin – 25 mm, bottom margin – 25 mm.

All authors are kindly requested to download the format sample and prepare their contributions accordingly. It should be noted that papers must be written in exact SIE format before they are uploaded to a conference, as this contributes to the best appeareance of the proceedings. If the final version of a paper is considerably different to the desired format, it will not be published even if it is accepted and registered.

The Paper format sample:

Download sample (EN) Download sample (EN)

Download sample (RU) Download sample (RU)

Lejupielādēt paraugu (LV) Lejupielādēt paraugu (LV)


User manual of web conference system

Authorship Statement on the Submitted Paper:

Please download the authorship statement form and fill the relevant required text. A completed form must be signed by all authors. Please note that due to crossborder difficulties we cannot accept electronic signatures; all authors must sign by hand. Please upload the signed copy with your submission or scan and email to:





Author biographie

Before the conference start, please include a brief biography (no more than 300 words) in authors profiles Bio statement (authors should log in to the conference web site and follow the link My Profile under login information). This allows the viewing and reading audience to become familiar with the background of the authors, thus giving the paper greater impact and validity.

Start the paragraph devoted to each author's name, without indentation. In boldface FULL CAPITALS. Authors are encouraged to include email and webaddress in the last line of the biography.

If space permits, a small picture of 1.5 x 2 cm can be included as shown below.

JOHN J. BERZINSH was born in Riga, Latvia and went to the Free University of Malnava, where he studied information technology and obtained his degree in 1980. He worked for a couple of years for the Rezekne Software Company EDUSOFT before moving in 1986 to the University of Anytown where he is now leading a large research group in the field of development of Worldwide e-Learning systems. His e-mail address is : and his Web-page can be found at

Submissions for this conference were closed on 30.01.2021.